Friday, February 26, 2010

petsitting and paper writing

9 am: Wake, let cat out, walk dog.

9:30 am: Feed dog.

9:45 am: Check email, eat breakfast.

10:30 am: Let cat in, feed cat, have involved conversation with cat.

10:45 am: Brush cat, defend self from cat bent on wrestling.

11:30 am: Dad arrives, walk dog.

12:00 pm: Lunch and downtown adventure with Dad.

3:30 pm: Walk dog, brief snuggle with dog.

4:00 pm: Burnaby adventure, academic crisis averted.

7:30 pm: Feed dog, feed cat, feed self.

8:00 pm: Walk dog.

8:30 pm: Open new Word document, watch clips on YouTube.

9:30 pm: Feed self again, catch up with animals ("What's new?"), watch more clips.

10:30 pm: Copy notes from previous assignment and paste into Word document. Congratulate self.

10:45 pm: Cat contributes " 'L;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "

11:00 pm: Cat lies on keyboard.

11:02 pm: Give up.

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